Empowering and Powering Women

Daisy Karimi is a project engineer in the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company and co-founder of Strauss Energy.
Daisy Karimi is a project engineer in the Kenya Electricity Transmission Company and co-founder of Strauss Energy.

Advancing the full participation of women and girls in the political, economic, and social realms of their countries is a key goal of U.S. foreign policy[i]. As such, promoting gender equality and female empowerment is a critical component of Power Africa. Power Africa seeks to support projects, programs and policies that intentionally strive to reduce gender inequalities and promote effective engagement of both men and women in sub-Saharan Africa.

A Gender Integrated Approach

The discourse around gender and energy often focuses on women as underserved end-users. Power Africa strives to look beyond this vision, seeing women as vital actors within the energy sector at large. It is Power Africa’s expectation that women be represented as policy makers within national and regional governments, as executives of private sector partners, as managers within power sector utilities, as employees of generation plants and transmission and distribution systems, as entrepreneurism within nascent renewable energy enterprises, and finally as customers of electricity services. By taking a sector-wide approach to gender integration, Power Africa aims to meet the energy needs of the underserved, while creating opportunities for women throughout the energy value chain.

Women in African Power

Launched by Power Africa, Women in African Power is a network aimed at promoting the participation and elevating the presence of women in Africa’s energy sector. Women in African Power is made up of a diverse group of women leaders and emerging leaders, representing government, private sector, civil society, and academia. The network provides a regional platform for networking, information exchange, mentorship, and exposure to new business opportunities.  Click here to learn more about Women in African Power.

Power Africa Partners

Click on the links below to see how some of Power Africa’s USG Agency partners are working to ensure that the energy sector is responsive to women's needs:

Does your organization work on gender and energy?

If so, Power Africa would like to learn about your efforts. Feel free to contact us.



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Last updated: August 24, 2018

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