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The United States seeks to promote the emergence of a democratic and market-oriented Belarus that respects human rights. USAID works with a cross-section of the population to stimulate the country’s transition to a market-based economy through programs that support citizen engagement in decision-making, encourage growth and competitiveness of private business, and improve social and health services’ delivery.

By encouraging cooperation between civil society, local governments and the private sector, USAID programs enable citizens to participate in political and economic decision making, thus creating sustainable solutions to local development challenges. USAID also promotes the expansion of the private sector in Belarus by providing business training and informational support, supporting regulatory reforms and developing business support organizations. Our country programs assist disadvantaged groups within the population, such as orphans and vulnerable children, people with disabilities, and victims of trafficking and at-risk groups, while emphasizing the role of civil society organizations and improving service delivery in these sectors.

On December 20, 2021, USAID/Belarus' office was closed. Despite this closure, USAID's activities and its commitment to the Belarusian people continue.

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USAID supports the national toll free hotline on safe travel. Since 2017, it answered 16,000 phone calls from people across Belarus 113 – landline, 8 801 201 55555 – for calls within Belarus, +375 162 21 8888 – for calls from other countries



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