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Leany Fameno, a Mosquito Bednet Hero
Meet Leany Fameno, A Mosquito Bed Net Hero
WARNING: Don't eat donuts with dirty hands!
Fara: A Young Girl Who Respects the Principles of Hand Washing
U.S. Government Donates Millions of Tests and Treatments for Malaria
The United States Donates Malaria Commodities to Madagascar

About Madagascar

USAID has worked for 36 years to help the Malagasy people accomplish their development goals in the face of ongoing challenges.  The United States provides development assistance in the areas of health, food security, disaster assistance, and the environment through non-governmental organizations, community associations, and other private groups and in coordination with the government of Madagascar.  Critical assistance in the areas of public health and food security  touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of Malagasy people throughout the country.  Read More

USAID in Action

Contact Information

Mission Contact

Lot 207 A, Point Liberty, Andranoro-Antehiroka
B.P. 5253
Antananarivo 105
+261 20 23 480 00
+261 20 23 480 44

USAID Contact

Kennan Wright
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
, DC 

Last updated: September 24, 2020

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