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  • How a Moroccan youth became an electrician to connect to a better life

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  • Superheroes: Meet the team in Morocco that administered the first Early Grade Reading Assessment for deaf children in Morocco - and perhaps the world.

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  • Seven-year-old Malak could barely write her own name in Arabic last year. That all changed after participating in a USAID Summer Reading Program, where she boosted her skills and confidence.

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  • USAID Career Center is adopting an inclusive approach to youth employability.

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  • USAID is working with the Government of Morocco to improve reading instruction for thousands of Moroccan children at the primary level.

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Malak and her mother Naima at the closing ceremony for the Summer Reading Program in Temara
Young Readers in Morocco Sharpen Their Skills During Summer
Youssef Salhi, a Moroccan youth from Tangier, was selected along with his theatre troupe to compete on the international "Arabs Got Talent" competition
Theater Troupes Steer Youth Toward Safety in Morocco
Marouane Bouzakhti shows his newfound skills at a USAID Career Center workshop
Career Centers Offer Moroccan Youth a Passport to Employment

About Morocco

Morocco is one of America's oldest friends in the Middle East and North Africa and is recognized today as a major non-NATO ally. Since 1957, the U.S. Government and the Government of Morocco have worked together to make real and substantial improvements in the lives of Moroccan citizens.

In the wake of the 2011 Arab Spring, Morocco continues to make positive strides in pursuit of political and economic reforms and remains a strong U.S. ally. Despite continued political tensions focused on corruption and political marginalization, the Government of Morocco remains committed to the implementation of its new constitution and the realization of ambitious plans for job creation, improved educational opportunities, and social inclusivity.

For over 60 years, the United States and the Government of Morocco have worked together to make substantial improvements in the lives of Moroccan citizens. However, Morocco still faces many complex challenges, including an under-employed workforce, a general lack of trust between civil society and government, and an overall literacy rate of only 55 percent.  Following the recent political transitions that swept the region, the Moroccan government has been responsive to its citizens growing calls for greater economic inclusion and better political participation. The United States seeks to help the Government of Morocco achieve its stated reform goals and respond to the needs of its citizens.

Last updated: June 17, 2019

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