• USAID supports the preservation of Tibetan culture.

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  • Youth in Guangdong Province learn the importance of environmental protection in their community.

  • USAID provides livelihood support programs for Tibetan residents of Geermu City, China, such as for these trainees who are learning how to make traditional clothing. Photo credit: Danba Darjee, USAID TSERING

  • USAID works to help control the spread of infectious diseases such as drug-resistant malaria, tuberculosis and influenza. Photo credit: USAID/CAP-TB

Former multi-drug resistant tuberculosis patient Huang Juan (right) celebrates the last day of her multi-drug resistant tubercul
Mobile Apps Support Chinese TB Patients
A nurse spends time with a tuberculosis patient before she is discharged from the hospital in Kunming, China.
Educating TB Patients in China to Better Ensure the Cure
Herders of all ages learn to renew the land in Maixi Township, Sichuan Province, China.
Tibetan Herders Revive Land Damaged by Climate Change

About China

USAID’s activities relating to China fall into three categories and are implemented by the Agency’s Thailand-based Regional Development Mission for Asia (RDMA).
First, USAID assists Tibetan communities in China by promoting more prosperous lives through employment creation; improved management of natural resource-based livelihoods, such as yak herding; and preservation of their cultural heritage.  
Second, through regional programs, we help address key cross-border challenges of global consequence. Those involving China include preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS and emerging infectious diseases, such as drug-resistant tuberculosis, malaria and influenza viruses of animal origin; combating wildlife trafficking; and through collaboration with the Asian Development Bank and other donors, encouraging infrastructure investment that minimizes negative impacts to the Lower Mekong countries.
Third, at the direction of Congress, USAID provides assistance in rule of law and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Last updated: June 24, 2015

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