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  • Mission Director Andrew Karas Meets with President John Dramani Mahama in Northern Ghana

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  • USAID Ghana Supports Electoral Commission in Conducting District Level Elections

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  • Andrew Karas is sworn in as Mission Director to Ghana

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  • Rebuilding Ghana’s Marine Fish Stocks is Crucial to Food Security

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  • USAID and Ghana reaffirm commitment to partnership for education

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  • Agricultural, technology and innovation drive Feed the Future Ghana projects

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  • Give Access, Spray Communities, Defeat Malaria

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  • See how USAID is strengthening communities through improved nutrition in northern Ghana

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Community Engagement: The Key to Malaria Prevention
Protecting Ghanaians from Malaria Through Indoor Residual Spraying
Ghana From the Tree Tops
Ghana From The Tree Tops
Kubura Sulemana
Ghana: A Woman’s Job Means More Than a Paycheck

About Ghana

Ghana is a stable, democratic country with a free press, active civil society, independent judiciary and apolitical military. USAID and the Ghanaian Government work together to generate prosperity and security for both the Ghanaian and the American people by increasing agricultural production, employment opportunities, and income for the poor, improving the quality of health services and education, and strengthening local government institutions.

Last updated: August 10, 2016

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Mission Contact

No. 24 Fourth Circular Road, Cantonments
PO Box 1630
Postal Code - M 
+233 302 741 200
+233 302 741 365

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Julia Escalona
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