Pacific Islands

U.S. Ambassador-Designate Catherine Ebert-Gray's Welcome Video.
U.S. Ambassador-Designate to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, Catherine Ebert-Gray Welcome Video
USAID Trains Solar Technicians in Pacific Island Nations
USAID Trains Solar Technicians in Pacific Island Nations

Hosting a vast proportion of the world’s shipping and global fisheries, Pacific waters supply food and income to millions of people in the Pacific Islands and beyond. Yet, the region’s stability and vitality are threatened by debilitating natural disasters and development challenges. The Pacific Islands are central to American efforts to promote a free and open Indo-Pacific region that bolsters the global economy.

A Pacific country, the United States — through USAID — partners with 11 Pacific Island nations to bolster their ability to lead their countries to stable, prosperous futures. We focus on strengthening disaster preparedness and environmental resilience, health, and democratic governance.

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Pacific Islands Regional Profile

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Mission Contact

USAID/Pacific Islands Regional Office
U.S. Embassy
158 Princes Road, Suva
Pacific Islands
+679 331-4466 ext. 8220

USAID Contact

Michael Glees, Desk Officer
U.S. Agency for International Development
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
, DC 
(202) 712-4728

Last updated: August 26, 2019

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