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  • Young boys enjoy clean water piped to their community. USAID partners with Indonesia to tackle a problem faced by four out of 10 Indonesians – lack of access to clean water and sanitation.

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  • USAID developed Indonesia’s first leveled reading books, which is proven to be an effective tool to improve reading skills and comprehension. In 2015, USAID distributed 8 million books to 13,000 primary schools across Indonesia

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  • In Indonesia TB infected one person at about every 30 seconds. USAID has helped Indonesia become more efficient in diagnosing multi-drug-resistant tuberculosis, thus reducing pre-treatment deaths by 60 percent over the past six years

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  • Dr. Harkunti P. Rahayu, from Bandung Institute of Technology, uses data and logic models to improve near-shore tsunami early warning systems. USAID supports scientists across Indonesia who are addressing the world’s most intractable problems.

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  • A master trainer demonstrates how to vaccinate poultry from Bird Flu. USAID assists Indonesia in its leadership role in the Global Health Security Agenda, by providing bird flu prevention training to animal health workers in 80 percent of the country

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  • To help increase government transparency and efficiency, USAID helped Indonesia establish a case tracking system, which allows increased access to information and efficient case management. It is now used in all district courts in Indonesia.

USAID/Indonesia and CLA: Using Open Space Technology for Strategy Development
USAID Indonesia uses human-centered design approach to develop its development strategy
PRESTASI, USAID's Scholarship Program for Indonesia's Future Leaders
PRESTASI, USAID's Scholarship Program for Indonesia's Future Leaders
Nurita and her husband in front of their business
Loans Bring Toilets, Sanitation to Indonesia

About Indonesia

Sebagai negara dengan penduduk keempat terpadat di dunia, Indonesia memiliki sumber daya alam yang berlimpah tetapi mulai menurun jumlahnya. Penduduknya memiliki budaya yang beragam dan tinggal di ribuan pulau dikelilingi gunung berapi; 115 juta penduduk Indonesia berpenghasilan kurang dari $ 2 per hari. Negara Indonesia memiliki masa depan yang cerah sekaligus menantang.

Sebagai negara demokrasi ketiga terbesar di dunia dan jumlah penduduk muslim paling banyak, Indonesia merupakan contoh negara modern yang sedang membangun. USAID melakukan investasi untuk masa depan Indonesia: di bidang pekerjaan dan pendapatan bagi keluarga miskin, berfokus pada anak-anak dan remaja, melestarikan sumber daya alam dan mendukung kesinambungan reformasi tata kelola pemerintahan.

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Last updated: January 23, 2017

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