Indonesia is the world’s largest Muslim-majority country and third largest democracy. As a member of the G20 and the biggest market in Southeast Asia, it is a significant player in the global economy. Indonesia’s sustained ability to resist extremist influences and maintain steady economic growth is critical to regional security and global trade, making it an important partner to the United States.

Over the last two decades, Indonesia has emerged as a regional leader whose democracy, prosperity, and continued stability are of global importance. Committed to solving critical development challenges that impede progress, Indonesia is forging ahead to realize its vision for self-reliance. By partnering with the Government of Indonesia, the U.S. Government, through USAID, advances shared economic and security interests to reinforce a stable, self-reliant, and resilient Indonesia.

Our Work

Through results-driven investment, USAID works with the Government of Indonesia, local leaders, the
private sector, civil society, and other development partners to strengthen a just and accountable
democracy, expand basic services, and enhance mutual security and prosperity.

Democratic Resilience and Governance
USAID partnerships strengthen key institutions critical for Indonesia’s stability and development. USAID
programs combat corruption, help civil society to effectively advocate for citizens’ rights, and strengthen
a civic culture of pluralism and tolerance—Indonesia’s founding values—amid a growing threat of violent
extremism. In targeting the drivers of intolerance, USAID promotes human dignity and justice for all.

Economic Growth and Education
USAID supports improvements to the effectiveness of Indonesia’s ability to manage scholarships, build
university networks, and strengthen education policies and practices. USAID partners with the
Indonesian government and businesses to reduce constraints to economic opportunities and strengthen
Indonesia’s ability to improve the business environment, reducing barriers to trade and foreign
investment to allow Indonesia’s economy to flourish.

USAID supports Indonesia to prevent public health crises that can harm economies and destabilize
communities. We help Indonesia turn the tide against epidemics like tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS and
contain emerging pandemic threats such as avian influenza. Our work helps more mothers deliver
healthy babies and expands access to clean water, hygiene, and sanitation for those who need it most.

Our work enhances Indonesia’s resilience to disasters and strengthens the management of its biodiverse
oceans and forests. Remaining responsive to climate change, USAID helps increase Indonesia’s resilience
to disasters and protect wildlife on land and at sea. We work with the government and the private
sector to green supply chains, reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by deforestation and land
degradation, transition to renewable energy, and reduce plastic waste reaching the ocean.


Jeff Cohen, Mission Director
U.S. Embassy Jakarta
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Jakarta, Indonesia 10110
Phone: +62-21-5083 1000

Anthony Orlando, Desk Officer
U.S. Agency for International
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Washington, DC, USA 20523
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Elementary school students wearing traditional costumes.
Yehezkiel Tumewu, USAID
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