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  • USAID’s work in Uganda focuses on the needs of typical Ugandans to create a sustainable, stable and more prosperous Uganda.

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  • U.S. assistance works to improve health of Ugandans so that they can live longer, more productive and more prosperous lives.

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  • USAID works to strengthen the economy and increase Uganda’s prosperity through improving agriculture, trade and private enterprise, providing training and microfinance support, enhancing access to energy and by preserving wildlife and promoting tourism.

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  • USAID supports Uganda’s efforts to address weather-related impacts on agriculture through access to reliable climate data, development of effective climate policies, and research and education.

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  • The United States is the largest single donor of humanitarian assistance in Uganda, supporting emergency food and nutrition assistance, medical care, water, and livelihoods support to refugees in Uganda, as well as the communities that host them.

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  • USAID works with civil society organizations to build institutional capacity and support political advocacy on a wide variety of human rights and development issues.

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  • USAID program promotes peace, stability and economic well-being in Karamoja, Uganda.

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Introducing biometric data at refugee settlements in Uganda
Introducing biometric data at refugee settlements in Uganda
USAID’s EKISIL program
USAID and Send a Cow: Agriculture for women with disabilities
Agriculture for Women and Girls with Disabilities

About Uganda

Uganda is in the midst of a demographic tsunami—with its population doubling every 16 years. This exacerbates an already high rate of youth unemployment and amplifies pressures on social, natural, and other resources.

USAID began its assistance to Uganda immediately after its independence in 1962, recognizing the country’s potential as a “bread basket” of Africa, with its rich natural resources, and significant rural population. Priorities have evolved over the past five decades, and we remain committed to improving Ugandans’ livelihoods. 

With three integrated development objectives—increasing resilience, addressing demographic drivers, and strengthening systems, USAID works in partnership with the people of Uganda to address the fundamental challenges constraining the country’s development.


Uganda Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2017-2021

Report to the Ugandan People: From the U.S. Mission to Uganda

Assistance Provided to Uganda

Evaluations for Uganda

Last updated: May 15, 2019

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