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December 1, 2016

Yunus Social Business, in partnership with USAID, is implementing a three-year program with the overall objective to promote economic security in Uganda through supporting Small and Medium Social Businesses to generate sustainable quality jobs, income opportunities, and access to good nutrition and related services for the Ugandan people. 

November 23, 2016

The USAID/Global Development Lab’s Center for Development Research, based out of Washington DC, is interested in better understanding how USAID can help increase the use of scientific research to inform policies, programs and innovative solutions (i.e. tools, technologies and approaches) to development challenges. They have created a Request for Information (RFI) that asks for ideas, comments and information from the public to assist them in creating a programming portfolio that will most effectively achieve the objectives described above.

November 3, 2016

Uganda has an opportunity to create a more accountable and responsive government and an electoral system capable of enabling a growing number of citizens to participate peacefully in politics. A more accountable and responsive government will increase citizen commitment to democratic governance and reduce tensions among political, regional and ethnic groups.

November 3, 2016

As many of you know, the Global Health Security Agenda is an international partnership that aims to create a world safe and secure from infectious disease threats. Since launching in February 2014, more than 50 countries have endorsed it; and through it, the U.S. Government has committed to establishing a global capacity to address and respond to devastating diseases from animals, humans, and the environment.

November 2, 2016

The 2011 Uganda Demographic and Health Survey (2011 UDHS) was designed as a follow-up to the 1988/89, 1995, 2000-01, and 2006 Uganda DHS surveys. The main objective of the 2011 UDHS was to obtain current statistical data on the Ugandan population’s demographic characteristics, family planning efforts, maternal mortality, and infant and child mortality. Another objective was to collect information on health care services and activities, antenatal, delivery, and postnatal care, children’s immunisations, and management of childhood diseases. In addition, the survey was designed to evaluate the nutritional status of mothers and children, to measure the prevalence of anaemia among women and children, to assess the level of knowledge about HIV and AIDS among men and women, and to determine the extent of interpersonal violence.


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