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  • Read about Acting Assistant Administrator Alina Romanowski's recent trip to Yemen, and about how USAID engages with Yemen on agricultural production and water conservation.

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  • USAID Announces New Mission Director for Yemen

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  • USAID provides educational opportunities for children in rural Yemen

  • Young volunteers clean up a beach in Aden as part of USAID-supported activities for International Volunteer Day.

  • School girls in Yemen wave the national flag following USAID’s efforts to help return children to classes following the 2011 uprising.

Summer Connections participants gather to learn new skills, plan future goals and play sports.
Summer Nights Bring Optimism to Yemen’s Youth
Young Yemenis engage listeners in a discussion about the future of their government and nation.
Yemenis Take to Airways to Plan Country’s Future
Children with hearing and speech disabilities face daily struggles in schools unable to meet their specialized education needs
Yemen Raises Awareness About Hearing and Speech Disabilities

About Yemen

Beginning in January 2011, citizens participating in peaceful demonstrations in Yemen’s cities expressed frustration at widespread corruption, unresponsive government, and the lack of economic opportunity. In response, they were successful in advocating for a transfer of power which began a political transition that would address widely held grievances. Two years later, after the initiation of an orderly political transition process, Yemen’s new coalition government continues to grapple with the longstanding challenges of creating jobs for the rapidly growing population, providing reliable electricity to population centers and improving delivery of health and education services across the country.

To help address the underlying causes of instability in Yemen, USAID focuses on improving service delivery through the health, education and water sectors; supporting economic livelihoods. In addition, USAID is assisting in growth through infrastructure rehabilitation, agricultural productivity and entrepreneurship; enhancing representative government by promoting inclusive decision-making and government engagement with civil society; providing youth with meaningful civic, social and economic opportunities; and providing humanitarian assistance to vulnerable populations.

Last updated: April 16, 2016

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