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Yemeni girls in a classroom.
Yemeni girls in a classroom.
Clinton Doggett for USAID

USAID is helping reach the most vulnerable children in Yemen and providing critical support to help the education system withstand the immediate impact of the crisis.

Since the latest conflict erupted, widespread displacement, damage to schools, and general insecurity have left millions of children without reliable access to schooling. Many have also been exposed to serious psychological trauma, further putting their education at risk. An estimated 2,000 schools have been partially or completely destroyed due to conflict, are being used to host internally displaced people (IDPs), or occupied by armed groups. Of the over 3.6 million IDPs in Yemen, approximately 2 million are school children and youth, which further contributes to education gaps. Insecurity and shortage of funds are also affecting the Ministry of Education’s ability to provide education services, including end-of-year year national exams.

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Last updated: February 06, 2020

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