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  • USAID TB South Africa project raising TB awareness in the Eastern Cape Farms

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  • USAID participates at the Government Capacity Building and Support Program with the South African Department of Social Development, hosted by PEPFAR partner PACT #USAIDTransforms

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Coaching Teachers in South Africa Produces Results
Coaching Teachers in South Africa Produces Results
Alecia Brits - USAID “Healthy Mothers and Babies”
2018 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair winner - Alecia Brits
USAID TB South Africa Project: TB symptoms (We Beat TB)
We Beat TB

About South Africa

Almost two decades after the end of apartheid, the South African Government continues to uphold the rights of its citizens and to invest heavily in the wellbeing of its people. The country plays a key economic and political role on the continent, but faces many challenges, including unemployment, HIV/AIDS, crime and corruption. USAID programs strengthen small- and medium-sized enterprises, create employment, improve learning and job skills, promote basic education, combat gender-based violence, and promote HIV/AIDS care, prevention and treatment.


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Last updated: February 08, 2019

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