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  • USAID-funded midwife training improves the heath of expectant mothers and their babies

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  • USAID has helped Liberia rebuild a school system decimated by war

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  • Following 14 years of war, Liberia has held two peaceful, democratic elections

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  • USAID is helping Liberia restore quality women's health services

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President Sirleaf's Address at Global Summit 2013
President Sirleaf's Address at Global Summit 2013
Domestic Violence
Half The Sky - Domestic Violence in Liberia
Community legal advisors act out a skit to demonstrate how mediation works.
Bringing Justice to Rural Liberia, Via Motorcycle

About Liberia

Peaceful elections in 2005 and the inauguration of Africa’s first female head of state in 2006 ushered in a period of hope and high expectations for Liberia’s recovery after decades of instability.

The consequences of 14 years of violent conflict constitute huge challenges to the recovery, reform and rebuilding process.

The Government of Liberia, with the support of international partners—of which the United States is the largest bilateral donor—is slowly restoring public confidence in political, social, economic and judicial institutions while addressing the regional disparity and bad governance that contributed to the conflict.

In response to the West Africa Ebola Outbreak, USAID has activated a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART). The DART, comprising team members in Monrovia, Liberia, and Conakry, Guinea, coordinates planning, operations, logistics, administrative issues, and other critical areas of the interagency response to help control the outbreak.


Liberia Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2013-2017

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