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  • USAID is helping Liberia restore quality women's health services

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  • USAID-funded midwife training improves the heath of expectant mothers and their babies

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  • USAID has helped Liberia rebuild a school system decimated by war

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  • Following 14 years of war, Liberia has held two peaceful, democratic elections

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Respect shows off her newly grown peppers
Cash, Vouchers Help Liberians During Ebola-Triggered Food Crisis
President Sirleaf's Address at Global Summit 2013
President Sirleaf's Address at Global Summit 2013
Domestic Violence
Half The Sky - Domestic Violence in Liberia

About Liberia

Thanks to U.S. assistance, Liberia continues to consolidate its democratic gains and rebuild its war-torn economy.  Since the end of the Liberian Civil War in 2003, the country has held three national elections generally perceived as free and fair.  Liberia has also taken on the difficult task of rebuilding its economy, and strengthening its educational and health care delivery systems.  The 2014-2015 Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) outbreak drained the Government of vitally needed resources, slowed economic growth, and delayed key development projects.  However, a worldwide response led by the United States has helped Liberia bring the worst of the EVD outbreak under control as the country continues to make progress in building confidence in public governance, reforming key institutions and fostering measurable improvements in the lives of average Liberians. 


Liberia Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2013-2017

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