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USAID agriculture programs help farmers in Liberia access technologies that improve their yields and incomes
USAID agriculture programs help farmers in Liberia access technologies that improve their yields and incomes

USAID spurs community and market revitalization in post-war Liberia through cross-cutting initiatives in agriculture and food security, infrastructure, energy, workforce development, and forestry. 

Agriculture Sector and Food Security

Our agricultural programs, through Feed the Future, increase agricultural production and rural incomes; stimulate private enterprise growth and investments, prevent malnutrition through early identification and treatment; and help develop community capacity to increase access to education for jobs.


Our infrastructure interventions focus on increasing access to essential services and provide underpinning support to our overall development strategy. Our energy sector activities align with the Power Africa Initiative objective of increasing energy access through private sector led growth and investments. We also supported a power grid extension project that is providing electricity to rural households and several health, educational and agricultural institutions.  In the water sector, we have introduced a public-private partnership model for providing improved water service delivery to rural beneficiaries.

Forest Resources Management

Our current work to promote sustainable management of forest resources builds on our prior successes in developing the capacity of forest communities as well as the capacity of the Liberia’s Forestry Development Authority and other government agencies to improve forest management, biodiversity, sustainable livelihoods, and strengthen Liberia’s protected area network.

Covid-19 Response

We support the national COVID-19 response by providing direct cash transfers to help the most vulnerable Liberians cope with the secondary economic impact of COVID-19. Our support for Liberia’s COVID-19 response efforts also include providing smallholder farmers high yielding rice seeds and other inputs to deal with the short-term food security problems c as well as to help Liberia develop a longer-term approach to reducing its expensive reliance on food imports, particularly the national staple, rice.

Last updated: September 12, 2022

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