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  • To help Haiti recover and move forward, USAID works with the Haitian Government to expand the economy and improve health infrastructures. Photo Credit: David Rochkind

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  • The U.S. Government is committed to supporting a responsive, just, and effective government in Haiti. To this end, USAID is working to build the capacity of Haitian civil society organizations and business service providers. Photo Credit: Kendra Helmer

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  • Haiti experienced a decline in agricultural productivity over the last three decades, and is now grappling with prolonged drought. A Feed the Future project is working to increase agricultural incomes for at least 21,500 rural households in Northern Haiti

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USAID/Haiti HIFIVE Program
Credit Unions Expand Options for Haitians
Haiti Hope Delivers Value to Farmers
Haiti Hope Delivers Value to Farmers
Kalinda Magloire, CEO and co-founder of SWITCH S.A., is a USAID LEAD grantee
Haitian Startup Succeeds While Answering Need for Cleaner Cooking

About Haiti

Since a devastating earthquake in 2010, the U.S. Government has committed $4.2 billion in assistance to help Haiti transition from disaster relief to a long-term development plan. While challenges remain, key advancements in health services, investments in the agriculture sector, municipal governance and legal protections for vulnerable populations as well as investments in infrastructure amount to real improvements. The U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is working to build a stable and economically viable Haiti. The focus of U.S. assistance is on long-term reconstruction and development, promoting economic growth, job creation and agricultural development, providing basic health care and education services, and improving the effectiveness of government.


Haiti Country Profile Fact Sheet [PDF, 255K]

Status of Post-Earthquake Recovery and Development Efforts in Haiti (2015)

2010-2015 U.S. Assistance to Haiti Overview Fact Sheet (2015) 

Evaluations for Haiti

Office of the Haiti Special Coordinator at the Department of State

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