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  • USAID provides opportunities for young people in eastern Ukraine to experience Ukrainian culture and get active in social initiatives.

Oksana Kryvoruchko, the inspirer of the Slobozhanska community Youth Radio Station, operates radio equipment provided by USAID DOBRE activity.
Young Ukrainians Inspire Local Community Development
Tymofii Babych cuts a child’s hair at his business, which he started with USAID's TEAM project funding
Displaced But Not Defeated in Ukraine: the Victory of an Enterprising Spirit
Assistant coordinator of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union branch Natalia Yesina (left) presented Nina’s case in the court and helped her renew the pension.
Protecting the Rights of Ukraine’s Displaced

About Ukraine

Bridging Europe and Eurasia, Ukraine’s geography makes it central to regional stability and security.  Today’s Ukraine struggles to unify with its western neighbors by pursuing pro-European reforms while staving off Russian-backed separatists fighting within its eastern borders.  In this context, USAID works with leaders throughout Ukraine to build a stable, democratic, and prosperous future.  USAID programs primarily focus on good governance, economic growth, strengthened health services and humanitarian assistance. Since 1992, USAID contributed approximately $1.9 billion to Ukraine’s economic and social development.

Today, USAID helps mitigate the effects of conflict in Ukraine’s East and aids Ukraine’s most vulnerable conflict-affected populations as they adapt from conflict and settle in new communities.

USAID development assistance supports more participatory, transparent, and accountable governance; citizen inclusion in democratic, economic, and social reforms; broad-based resilient economic development; enhanced energy security; and improved health services for Ukrainians.

USAID also supports U.S. Presidential Initiatives on Global Health and Global Climate Change.

Official USAID solicitations occur only through www.grants.gov and www.fbo.gov

Last updated: July 11, 2018

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