East Africa Regional

  • Aligning customs procedures across borders reduces barriers to trade and encourages economic growth.

  • Cross-border reconciliation programs help communities in Kenya and Somalia heal.

  • USAID helps farmers increase the productivity of their crops and gain access to markets.

Women weavers in Kitui, Kenya constructing baskets destined for Walmart.
Jiamini = African Fashion with US Know-How
A Tikur Abbay employee constructs a shoe for U.S. retailer Bass.
Ethiopian Footwear Off to a Running Start
Ethiopian Designer Ready to Fly
Ethiopian Designer Says She's 'Ready to Fly'

About East Africa Regional

Through the East Africa regional program, USAID works across borders to strengthen food security, improve economic growth, prevent conflict, and improve health systems, with a particular focus on fighting HIV/AIDS. These activities span the Great Lakes region of Burundi, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda, and the Horn of Africa region that includes Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. 


USAID has supported peace-building along Kenya's northern borders for over a decade. One current program focuses on communities on the Kenya-Uganda and Kenya-Somalia borderlands and enables residents to take peace into their own hands. USAID helps communities on opposite sides of the border select, plan, build and manage projects for joint use. These “peace dividend” projects include schools, marketplaces, and clinics. View the photo essay on Flickr

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