Working in Crises and Conflict

The Horn of Africa and Great Lakes regions are characterized by failed or weakly governed states that are vulnerable to emerging violent ideologies and conflict over natural resources. USAID helps promote the creation of a strong regional framework for conflict mitigation, especially to address cross-border security problems and is strengthening the capacity of African institutions to reduce cross border insecurity.

USAID supports the development of strategies and structures that build capacity to prevent and respond to violence, especially along borders. Regional, cross-cutting interventions seek to address the root causes of instability through improved early warning systems; responsive local, national, and regional leadership; and anti-corruption measures that reduce insecurity, for example, in the transport sector. 

Humanitarian Assistance

In anticipation of a looming severe drought, USAID began pre-positioning food assistance in the eastern Horn of Africa in late 2010 and providing significant humanitarian assistance in early 2011. Following below-average rainfall in spring 2011 in the Horn of Africa, food security sharply deteriorated. USAID assistance includes food aid, emergency relief supplies, health interventions including therapeutic feeding for malnutrition, protection for vulnerable populations, and water and sanitation improvements.

Last updated: November 15, 2016

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