Our Mission Statement: We protect the integrity of USAID-funded programs and activities.  Our goal is to mitigate harm to people and USAID programs by promoting responsible stewardship and accountability.

We do this by:

  • Leading USAID’s response to misconduct and disputes in our programs from initial analysis to final resolution; and

  • Engaging with partners, USAID staff, the U.S. Government, and donors to help prevent misconduct from occurring and mitigate the causes of disputes through training, outreach, and guidance.

Our work includes:

  • Recommending exclusionary and other administrative actions, such as suspension and debarment, to ensure USAID only does business with responsible partners;

  • Coordinating preventative and response efforts related to safeguarding, such as sexual exploitation and abuse, human trafficking, and child safeguarding;

  • Analyzing and resolving disputes between USAID and implementing partners through the assistance award appeals process.

The Responsibility, Safeguarding, and Compliance Division (M/MPBP/RSC) promotes effective stewardship of taxpayer dollars and protects the integrity of USAID’s programs. M/MPBP/RSC improves oversight of USAID implementing partners by promoting compliance with financial, safeguarding, and programmatic requirements. It accomplishes these goals through three critical functions:

1. Suspension and Debarment: Administering the Agency’s suspension and debarment program in response to a variety of misconduct, including fraud, waste, and abuse; sexual exploitation and abuse; trafficking in persons; and child abuse, exploitation, and neglect; systemic internal controls failures; and organizational mismanagement. This includes making recommendations to the Suspending and Debarring Official (SDO) for exclusionary and other administrative action to ensure that the Agency does not do business with non-responsible implementing partners.

2. Safeguarding: Leading the Agency’s centralized efforts related to safeguarding against sexual exploitation and abuse; trafficking in persons; and child abuse, exploitation, and neglect. This includes receiving and tracking disclosures of safeguarding allegations, coordinating with internal and external stakeholders, and making recommendations for administrative actions such as suspension and debarment, as appropriate.

3. Assistance Appeals: Managing USAID’s assistance (cooperative agreements and grants) appeal resolution process. This includes providing implementing partners with an unbiased review and analysis of eligible appeals, ensuring that partners are compliant with award terms and conditions, and recommending evidence and regulation-based resolutions to the Appeals Official.

If you have any questions or concerns related  related to the integrity of USAID-funded programs, please contact us at compliance@usaid.gov. If you have any information or questions related to specific allegations or reports of misconduct, please direct those to Disclosures@usaid.gov.


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