The success of USAID’s mission and programs relies on federal funds being used for their intended purpose by responsible, trustworthy individuals and entities. M/MPBP/RSC protects the integrity of USAID’s foreign aid and humanitarian assistance programs by protecting U.S. taxpayer funds using the powerful administrative tools of suspension and debarment (S&D). Within that framework, the Division works to:

  • Limit exposure to fraud, waste, and abuse on USAID’s development and humanitarian assistance programs by excluding untrustworthy implementing partners through S&D “present responsibility” recommendations to USAID’s Suspending and Debarring Official (SDO).  

  • Help prevent sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA) by excluding individuals identified and substantiated as perpetrators and excluding organizations that do not have appropriate controls to deter, detect, and respond to SEA allegations in USAID-funded programs. 

  • Promote a culture of compliance within USAID’s implementing partners by facilitating constructive dialogue through internal and external outreach, training, collaboration, and coordination.  

M/MPBP/RSC uses S&D to respond to a wide variety of misconduct, including systemic internal controls failures and organizational mismanagement.  It works closely with the USAID Office of Inspector General, as well as USAID staff and implementing partners, to identify misconduct and obtain the necessary evidence and documentation to take such actions. 

Suspension and debarment actions are:

  • Exclusions that prevent entities and individuals from receiving new work from any federal agency 

  • Discretionary, never punitive 

  • Intended to protect the interests of United States Government 

  • Governed by the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) at Subpart 9.4 and 2 Code of Federal Regulations (C.F.R.) §180 et seq.   

Individuals and entities that are excluded due to a S&D action are listed in the System for Award Management ( Prior to award, Contracting and Agreement Officers are required to check SAM to determine whether a partner is eligible for federal awards. Excluded entities may not receive new awards or sub-awards for a specified period of time. An exclusion does not invalidate current awards or sub-awards.  Activities that were in existence at the time of the exclusion may continue. However, awards and sub-awards may not be renewed or extended (other than no-cost time extensions). 

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