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  • USAID helped established small-scale irrigation systems and taught rice farmers how to make science-based decisions to adapt to climate change and secure more stable futures for themselves and their communities.

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  • A nurse from the Maragusan Rural Health Unit, left, gets ready to visit patients in surrounding villages on a motorcycle taxi, which accommodates up to six passengers.

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  • Students of Sagkahan Elementary School enjoy their newly built, fully-furnished classrooms. The U.S.-funded structure will benefit over 1,900 students who have been attending classes in temporary learning spaces since Typhoon Haiyan damaged their school.

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  • Fishery protection teams which consist of local government employees and police, patrol their respective municipal waters. With USAID’s assistance, Bohol is strengthening its coastal monitoring and protection program particularly in the Danajon Bank.

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  • A student from La Union being tested on Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA). The EGRA assessment activity is aimed to inform USAID/Basa Pilipinas Program about the current level of reading skills of Grade 2 students across schools in several provinces.

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  • Muslim women participate in an “Usapan Session” in a USAID-assisted birthing clinic in Maguindanao in ARMM.

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  • Students now enjoy their newly constructed, typhoon and earthquake-resilient classrooms after the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).This reconstruction is part of a larger USAID-funded effort to rebuild and equip more than 200 classrooms in Leyte.

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  • Secretary Kerry Announces New Partnerships and $25 Million in Fresh Aid for Typhoon Yolanda Victims

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  • Maylene Reyes, 21, is a mother and entrepreneur who saves her earnings with mobile money. USAID works with microfinance institutions to use mobile money to facilitate deposits, collect loan payments, and service payroll and loan payouts.

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Rural Public School Teachers Accelerate Learning in the Philippines
Teachers Accelerate Learning in Rural Philippines
Filipino Farmers Triumph Over Drought
Filipino Farmers Triumph Over Drought
Achieving Dreams and Changing Perceptions: A Young Woman’s Journey to a Brighter Future
Out-of-School Youth Learn Trades in the Philippines

About Philippines

The Philippines, Southeast Asia’s oldest democracy, is an important development, trade and security partner to the United States. In recent years, the Philippines has made substantial economic progress, although one-fifth of the population still lives in extreme poverty. Through the Partnership for Growth (PFG), a White House initiative implemented in only four countries worldwide, the United States and the Philippines collaborate to address the country’s most serious constraints to lasting equitable growth.

With an overall goal of supporting a more prosperous, stable and well-governed nation, USAID’s programs in the Philippines focus on accelerating and sustaining inclusive economic growth through Partnership for Growth activities in the areas of governance, economic growth, and health and education, and through activities that enhance the country’s environmental resilience and foster peace and stability in six conflict-affected areas of Mindanao.

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Philippines Country Profile [PDF]

Last updated: November 28, 2016

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