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  • USAID teamed up with the Philippine government to improve the management of over 90 percent of forests in the Philippines. Demonstrating increasing self-reliance, the country tripled its forest protection budget since 2016.

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  • In 2018, USAID leveraged more than $1 million from local stakeholders to sustain youth programming, and has extended its assistance to reach an additional 5,000 youth in conflict-affected areas including Marawi City.

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  • In the past five years, USAID and the Philippine Department of Health successfully treated over a million Filipinos with TB. By building the country’s capacity to detect and cure this deadly disease, USAID is strengthening global health security.

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  • USAID engages the private sector to help solve some of the world’s most intractable development challenges. The Philippines hosts some of the most robust partnerships, leveraging skills and sustainably generating resources.

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  • Bohol wasn’t always a top tourist destination, but the partnership between the U.S. and the Philippines gave the island the tools to flourish. Bohol models good governance, enjoys active citizen participation and contributes to national growth.

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  • USAID’s programs trained small and medium entrepreneurs, farmers and female weavers from Marawi to help them restore their livelihoods. USAID will build a trading center to assist both the local traders and entrepreneurs.

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Young Girl in Rural Philippines Braves the Sea to Read and Learn
Young Girl in Rural Philippines Braves the Sea to Read and Learn
Young Learners in the Philippines Discover the Joy of Reading
Young Learners in the Philippines Discover the Joy of Reading
Health Service Provider Taps Radio Airwaves to Reach Rural Families in the Philippines
Rural Families in the Philippines Tune Into Health Advice

About Philippines

A long-time ally of the United States and the oldest democracy in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a key partner in promoting sustainable and inclusive development in the Indo-Pacific. While the Philippines has emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the region, many Filipinos are being left behind. The United States works with the Philippines to counter violent extremism, promote inclusive socioeconomic growth, boost democratic governance and protect human rights.

USAID partners with the Philippines to drive inclusive economic growth and promote peace and stability. USAID builds the country’s self-reliance by strengthening the Philippines’s ability to plan, finance and implement its own development solutions.

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Philippines Country Profile

Last updated: July 16, 2019

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Contact Information

Mission Contact

Lawrence Hardy II, Mission Director
Annex 2 Building, U.S. Embassy, 1201 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita
Postal Code - M 
+63 (2) 301-6000
+63 (2) 301-6213

USAID Contact

Michael Glees, Desk Officer
U.S. Agency for International Development
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
, DC 
(202) 712-4728