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  • GeneXpert training strengthens Angola's capacity to diagnose and treat Tuberculosis

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  • “If it weren’t for the USAID LINKAGES Project, I’d probably still be doing drugs and be living with HIV.”

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In the remote Health Center of Chorinde in Mungo Municipality of Huambo province, Helen Cumbelembe, a ForçaSaúde-trained nurse,
HIV Treatment Reaches More Pregnant Women in Rural Angola
Cunene CPU officials and World Learning staff inspect a new location for a water well that will provide inhabitants and animals
Angola Strengthens Disaster Response in Face of Climate Change

About Angola

Angola's low level of human development is at odds with its potential for economic prosperity, considering the country's wealth of natural resources. Much of this paradox is explained by the social disruption and physical destruction caused by 27 years of civil war. As sub-Saharan Africa's second largest oil producer and with its tremendous agricultural potential, the country could become a powerhouse for regional trade and investment. Our work strengthens good governance, increases economic opportunity, and improves the delivery of social services.

Last updated: August 29, 2018

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