• Libyan men converse together during a Civil Society and Local Development event.

  • A Young Student Completes an Assignment at School in Libya.

  • Women entrepreneurs participate in a panel discussion during the Libya Women's Economic Empowerment Conference

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USAID Yafran
Public Financial Management in Yafran
Municipal Elections in Nalut
USAID Sabratha
Citizen Journalism in Sabratha

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) supports Libya’s transition to a democratic and peaceful nation. USAID works with civil society, municipal councils, national government, entrepreneurs, and a range of civil society groups, including those representing women and marginalized communities, in their efforts to improve Libyan lives. These partnerships help improve citizen confidence in Libya’s government, both national and local, and support the ongoing democratic transition.

In 2011, the regime of Muammar Qadhafi responded to protests in eastern Libya with violence, leading to a popular revolution that brought his 42-year regime to an end. Three years later, armed conflict broke out after the second parliamentary elections, leading to political divisions and an intense conflict between supporters of parallel state institutions. In this context, USAID’s efforts focus on strengthening the country’s representative governing bodies, independent institutions, and civil society to navigate their transition into a more democratic and prosperous Libya that is capable of utilizing its human, financial and natural resources for the benefit of all Libyans.


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