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Tunisia and the United States have a strong and continuing partnership with the shared objectives of furthering Tunisia’s democratization, strengthening the Tunisian economy, and improving security. This strong partnership dates back to 1957, when the US Government began providing assistance to Tunisia under the first bilateral agreement between the two countries. 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) implemented a range of programs, until Tunisia’s economic and social advances led USAID to close our program in 1994. USAID’s assistance during that period amounted to over $1.5 billion and targeted a range of sectors, such as water, health, humanitarian assistance, science and technology, infrastructure, housing and urban development, and economic assistance. 

The 2011 revolution was a powerful expression of Tunisians' desire to have their voice heard in the economic and political life of their country. Following the revolution, USAID resumed its economic and governance assistance programs to support efforts by the Tunisian Government to improve the quality of governance, advance administrative reforms, fight corruption, increase social inclusion, reduce regional disparities, and strengthen the country's economy. 

USAID/Tunisia promotes an inclusive, accountable political system, and dynamic private sector-led employment and economic growth while promoting prosperous and resilient communities across the country that will advance Tunisia’s overall stability.

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