Increasing Youth Civic Engagement and Economic Empowerment

Ma3an's program goal is to increase Tunisian youth civic engagement and economic empowerment and works towards the following objectives: (1) Youth have improved access to skills, services, and opportunities for civic engagement and economic empowerment, and (2) Tunisian youth lead and meaningfully participate in activities to address youth and community priorities.

In its first four years, Ma3an has built a strong foundation of youth leaders, safe spaces, and local partners that have collaborated to respond to youth priorities in 33 communities across 15 governorates. The program will continue to support local partners to engage youth and key stakeholders at the governorate and regional levels.

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Ma3an (“Together” in Arabic)
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معًا - زیادة المشاركة المدنیَّة والتَّمكین الاقتصادي للشَّباب التونسي