Ma3an (“Together” in Arabic)

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Positive youth development for prosperous futures

Program Overview

2018-2023・$48.5 million・Implemented by FHI 360 ・Key Partners: Le Commission Nationale pour la Lutte Contre le Terrorisme (CNLCT)​, 30 local civil society organizations and local authorities, and 33 Tunisian communities

Ma3an is a five-year youth-focused project that aims to increase youth participation in civic and  political life, address youth grievances, and prevent radicalization in vulnerable communities. Ma3an’s  objectives are to equip youth with the skills to engage in civic action to address their communities’  needs and grievances through positive youth development (PYD) and enhance Tunisian capabilities to  prevent and counter violent extremism (P/CVE).

Program Objectives

Ma3an uses a community-driven model to inform both positive youth development and preventing and countering violent extremism interventions in 34 communities that are inclusive, participatory, and solutions focused. The model drives neighborhoods to engage their most marginalized young members, identify and reduce community-specific vulnerabilities, including VE drivers; and catalyze and harness public and private sector resources to create a lasting foundation for social cohesion and resilience.

Program achievements

  • 60 rapid response activities currently underway in 34 communities responding to youth protests to address community-specific youth grievances identified by youth activists, local civil society, and local government authorities. 
  • Refurbished, 47 “safe spaces” (youth, cultural, and sports centers) by December 2021, providing marginalized and underserved youth at risk of radicalization and violent extremism recruitment with safe spaces and services.
  • Reached over 3,940 participants in Ma3an community-based positive youth development and preventing and countering violent extremism activities including 1,832 active youth participants.
  • Equipped 900 youth with skills in leadership, outreach, and mobilization to engage in civic  action and on countering online misinformation.
  • Engaged 40,000-45,000 followers on social media to promote positive youth development and to prevent radicalization.

Contact Information

Hind Houas

Last updated: January 14, 2022

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