Learn about USAID’s commitment to a water-secure world in the 2022 - 2027 U.S. government Global Water Strategy

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USAID’s Vision for Water Security

Water and sanitation are essential to advance global health, prosperity, stability, and resilience. Reliable access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene saves lives, improves livelihoods, and makes communities more resilient. Investments in water resources management power economies, support agriculture, and safeguard ecosystems. Despite the challenges posed by global pandemics, increased conflict, and climate change, more people have access to safe drinking water and safely managed sanitation services than ever before.

USAID works every day with governments, other local stakeholders, and partners to accelerate progress toward universal water and sanitation access and a water-secure world.

In support of the White House Action Plan on Global Water Security and the U.S. Government Global Water Strategy, USAID programs across four strategic objectives:

  1. Strengthen water and sanitation sector governance, finance, institutions, and markets(link is external)

  2. Increase equitable access to safe, sustainable, and climate-resilient water and sanitation services and adoption of key hygiene behaviors (links are external)

  3. Improve climate-resilient conservation and management of freshwater resources and associated ecosystems (link is external)

  4. Anticipate and reduce conflict and fragility related to water (link is external)

Delivering results

As a result of U.S. Foreign Assistance, USAID has helped:


64.9 million people gain access to sustainable drinking water services since 2008. 50.8 million people gain access to sustainable sanitation services since 2008. Mobilize $456 million in new funding for water and sanitation since 2018

Sector Overview

Read more about how USAID is achieving its development goals in the Global Water and Development Report of Water and Sanitation Activities and explore how USAID is delivering results around the world in an interactive map.

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To better serve USAID partners, staff, and members of the broader water security and development community, the USAID Water Team supports GlobalWaters.org, an online knowledge-sharing platform for disseminating best practices, lessons learned, and the latest research from USAID’s water security, sanitation, hygiene, and water resources management programs.

On GlobalWaters.org (all links are external) users can find:

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