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  • USAID TB awareness and prevention seminar for youth dedicated to World TB Day

  • A mother measures the height of her child as part of the Healthy Families campaign. The project has touched the lives of 28,000 mothers and their young children through trainings and outreach to new moms. Credit: USAID Quality Health Care Project

  • Participants at a USAID-supported counter-trafficking seminar learn how to raise awareness about child trafficking and provide support on how to avoid trafficking problems. Credit: International Organization for Migration

  • USAID and Chevron Nebitgaz—through the international organization Junior Achievement Worldwide—help Turkmenistan’s young people succeed by providing them knowledge in economics, entrepreneurship, and tourism. Credit: Junior Achievement

  • USAID/Turkmenistan Handing Certificate in International Commercial Arbitration

Capacity building training
Turkmenistan's Human Trafficking Survivors Rebuild Their Lives
A patient at Turkmenistan’s Ene Myakhri Maternity Hospital after her successful and comfortable birth.
Embracing Happy and Healthy Births in Turkmenistan
Participants of a seminar on community health at the Beyik Turkmenbashy resource center.
Reaching Turkmenistan’s Rural Youth

About Turkmenistan

Sharing long borders with Afghanistan and Iran, and serving as a key link to the South Asian subcontinent, Turkmenistan could play a critical role in advancing regional integration and stability. The country’s large oil and gas reserves also make it a pivotal supplier for regional and world markets. As the former Soviet Republic emerges from decades of isolation, the United States supports Turkmenistan in its efforts to foster a more open and integrated society.

USAID works with the people and Government of Turkmenistan to strengthen and diversify their economy, build up nascent civil society institutions, increase good governance and improve the quality of key health care services. As part of the USAID Mission to Central Asia, USAID in Turkmenistan participates in a range of regional programming, including the U.S. Government’s New Silk Road initiative, which increases regional connections between the economies and peoples of South and Central Asia — including Afghanistan — to foster greater stability and prosperity across the region.  

Last updated: March 29, 2016

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Christopher Miller, Country Director
Business Center, A Block
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Eric Rudenshiold, Sr. Officer in Charge
U.S. Agency for International Development
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