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USAID TB awareness and prevention seminar for youth dedicated to World TB Day

After years of centralized control, Turkmenistan is gradually reforming its economy and government to be more in line with international standards. However, certain aspects of economic modernization, such as the removal of subsidies that historically kept the cost of various goods and services low, are posing hardships for citizens and altering their expectations in relation to the economy, social services and governance. While issues of transparency, lack of independent media and tightly controlled access to most data and statistics remain, the changing social landscape is providing new opportunities for engagement and partnership.  

Through demand-driven programs in economic growth, governance and health, USAID supports local efforts to foster a more open and integrated society, contributing to stability in a region where democratic governance remains a work in progress. USAID partners with Chevron in Turkmenistan on business and entrepreneurship education and health outreach to at-risk youth.

  • USAID contributed to a 32 percent increase in the tuberculosis treatment success rate between 2000 and 2013. 
  • To advance long-anticipated privatization efforts, USAID supported the development of a valuation system and trained a new cadre of experts in this burgeoning field.
  • A USAID-developed market economics curriculum continues to be taught throughout Turkmenistan’s national secondary education system, helping to prepare the next generation to be active participants in the country’s economic development.


U.S.-funded programs focus on increasing access to key services to help prevent the transmission of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV. USAID supports activities that improve the delivery of prevention, care and treatment services for TB, enhance the capacities of institutions to address multidrug-resistant (MDR) TB, and develop systems to strengthen diagnosis and improve infection control practices of MDR TB. USAID and the World Health Organization work together to improve TB data management and introduce new models of outpatient treatment for TB and MDR TB, including training doctors and nurses on the latest, proven treatment approaches. USAID also cooperates with United Nations agencies and local non-governmental health organizations to support HIV/AIDS prevention efforts among the most at-risk populations. 

Democracy and Governance

best practices and models related to governance, including the select use of e-governance technologies in order to provide better services to its citizens. USAID and other U.S. Government agencies support these efforts and advocate for additional reforms aimed at improving transparency, expanding access to information, and increasing the professionalism and effectiveness of Turkmen government employees. USAID builds the capacity of Turkmenistan’s cadre of civil society organizations (CSOs), helping them to understand and navigate the country’s legal and institutional framework. With USAID input, Turkmenistan adopted a new CSO law in 2014, providing clarity on how CSOs can positively engage with their government to address citizen concerns. 

Economic Growth and Agriculture

USAID supports Turkmenistan in participating more fully in the global economy through economic reforms and the introduction of international standards, such as in accounting and finance. USAID supports Turkmenistan in diversifying its economy and pursuing inclusive growth through macroeconomic stability, enhanced competitiveness and expanded private sector participation. USAID provided technical analyses and insights in response to Turkmenistan’s request for information on how World Trade Organization (WTO) accession could impact its economy and society, and past efforts to improve the valuation sector when Turkmenistan opened its economy after years of state control are still being felt and appreciated today. By helping the country transition to international accounting methods, understand the reforms needed to join the WTO and more accurately estimate the value of financial assets and liabilities, USAID’s cooperation with Turkmenistan is leading to broader participation in the global economy. 

In agriculture, the Government of Turkmenistan has scaled up previous USAID activities, including supporting veterinary experts in improving animal health through modern feeding programs and disease protection. Farmers are now breeding healthier and more productive dairy and beef cows, and this new expertise is being shared with producers nationwide.  

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