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USAID and Armenia: Partners Since 1992
Over 27 Years of Partnership
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About Armenia

USAID partners with Armenia to promote a resilient and democratic society, strengthen economic growth and energy security, and support social sector reforms. At the core of USAID’s mission is a deep commitment to work as partners in fostering sustainable development. 

Over 28 years, USAID support has evolved from providing humanitarian relief to address urgent and basic human needs, to supporting long-term sustainable development, facilitating Armenia’s transition to a free-market, democratic society. Since 1992, USAID has responded to opportunities and challenges through innovative, sustainable, and replicable programs. USAID has adapted its approach to program implementation, transitioning from partnering with international organizations to partnering directly with local organizations and the Government of Armenia. By working through local partners, USAID programs benefit from local know-how, increase host country ownership, and foster sustainability. 

Currently USAID supports 22 projects that work at the national and local level in all ten marzes (regions) of Armenia towards a more engaged, prosperous, and well-governed Armenian society.

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Last updated: May 21, 2020

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