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During her trip to Armenia this week, Administrator Samantha Power announced expanding partnerships that reflect the deepening relationship between the United States and Armenia. The Administrator announced $11.9 million in new funding commitments in digital transformation, food security, communication, and risk mitigation, on top of the over $65 million the United States government has announced already this year.  

Administrator Power and Minister of High-Tech Industry Mkhitar Hayrapetyan announced a new public-private collaboration with USAID and Amazon Web Services (AWS), for which USAID will provide $5 million to support new business development ventures and strengthen the Government of Armenia’s ambitious digital transformation efforts. This coordination is part of USAID’s continuous efforts to fuel private sector investment and partnerships and is part of the EDGE Fund, launched to leverage the private sector's competitive edge to solve global challenges. 

Armenia’s ongoing digital transformation is an integral part of the Government of Armenia’s agenda, helping to improve citizen support and further strengthen Armenia’s position as a regional leading technology hub. Armenia’s Ministry of High-Tech Industry (MHTI) used Continuity of Government IT on AWS (CGIT) as they advance their cloud journey. CGIT, financed by USAID, is pivotal for establishing the foundational framework necessary for the secure and efficient operation of the government. This will enable the Government of Armenia to mitigate risk by mapping their continuity goals to an appropriate technology path. These efforts build on the Memorandum of Understanding signed by the MHTI and AWS in 2022. 

The Administrator also committed $2.4 million through USAID’s Advancing Digital Democracy Initiative, building on $500,000 previously announced at the April Brussels conference. This initiative works with governments, technologists, civil society, and other partners to foster digital ecosystems in which technology is developed, used, and governed in ways that advance democracy and respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms.  

To continue USAID’s work to strengthen food security, the Administrator announced $1 million to develop private sector partnerships to support agricultural research and development initiatives in Armenia. This funding will help bolster Armenia’s domestic food production and reinvigorate the country’s agrarian sector, helping mitigate the effects of disruptions in global food supply chains.  

Administrator Power also announced $500,000 in additional funding to support disaster risk reduction and community-level emergency preparedness activities. This funding will enable communities to better prepare for multi-hazard risks, such as floods and landslides, by supporting participatory risk assessments, the development of emergency response plans, and training for responders. It will also improve local disaster management capacity by enhancing early warning systems, including sirens and visual alerts, and training on the use of such systems.

USAID will also provide $3 million in already announced funds to support the Government of Armenia’s efforts to strengthen their communications systems, capacity, and practice.

USAID remains committed to supporting the Government of Armenia in cementing its hard won democratic gains, expanding economic opportunity for all, and pursuing a durable and dignified peace.

Administrator Power Travels to Armenia - July 2024


Administrator Samantha Power traveled to Armenia from July 8 to July 11 to affirm the United States' deepening partnership with Armenia, highlight USAID's support for the Government of Armenia's reform agenda, and advance efforts to enhance Armenia's resilience.

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