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  • USAID is focused on preventing at-risk youth in the most violence-affected cities from turning to crime and potentially joining organized criminal groups.

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  • USAID continues to improve the ability of the Government of Mexico (GOM) to prevent, investigate, and prosecute human rights abuses, while strengthening civil society to hold the GOM accountable in this regard.

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  • USAID works to increased participation in green value chains; improved management of community forest-related businesses; and community, private, and public lands sustainably managed.

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  • USAID helps the Government of Mexico (GOM) increase transparency and integrity, and supports Mexican-led efforts to reduce corruption and impunity.

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Patricia went from violence victim to empowered businesswoman.
Mexico Shows Domestic Violence Survivors How to Move Forward
At-risk youth in Monterrey become role models in their communities, using rap music as an outlet.
Rap Music Counters Violence in Mexico
120 youth supported by the USAID Global Development Alliance “Jóvenes con Rumbo” program.
Despite Roadblocks, Mexican Youth Make Their Way Out of Crime

About Mexico

The United States and Mexico have strong social, cultural and economic ties; common security concerns; and a shared border. Mexico, as an upper middle income country with a high level of institutional capacity, is also a strong development partner for the United States.

USAID/Mexico’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) supports three Development Objectives (DOs) to strengthen rule of law and human rights, reduce drug-related crime and violence, and promote transparency and integrity efforts under the Merida Initiative, multi-year, bilateral security cooperation program. A fourth DO supports the President's Global Climate Change Initiative. The Mission actively engages Mexico’s private sector through strategic alliances that encourage innovation and leverage resources to increase program impact, enhance sustainability, and replicate successful interventions across the country.

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USAID/Mexico Country Development Cooperation Strategy 2014-2018 [PDF, 2.4MB]


Last updated: April 17, 2019

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