Since 1992 the United States has partnered with the Armenian people to establish democratic and economic systems and institutions, expand trade and investment, promote independent media and civil society, and enhance energy security.  Since then we have provided more than $1.2 billion in assistance to Armenia through USAID. Together we have also improved access to healthcare and strengthened social protection systems.  USAID remains committed to supporting Armenia on its journey to self-reliance. 

With more than 25 ongoing activities, USAID is strategically partnering with Armenia on its journey to self-reliance, empowering Armenia to advance its Euro-Atlantic integration and strengthen its resilience to malign influence. 

The USAID strategy focuses on propeling Armenia toward self-reliance in an effective, inclusive, and accountable manner. Specifically, USAID helps Armenia to:

  • Advance its democratic transition

  • Enhance its economic security

  • Integrate cross-cutting themes that support peacebuilding and disaster prevention, preparedness and response "