Our Partnership

The United States has an unwavering and longstanding commitment to Africa. 

We engage African countries early and often as partners in pursuing our shared interests and values – from security, global health, climate change, freedom and democracy, and shared prosperity.  

Our priorities:

  • Boost agricultural productivity through the Feed the Future Initiative to address the root causes of chronic hunger and poverty and spur economic growth in a region with incredible resources and arable land.

  • Strengthen health systems to support countries to help their children survive, overcome the threat of malaria, give mothers support to give birth safely, and turn the tide against the HIV/AIDS epidemic on the continent.

  • Support democracy, human rights, and good governance to assist governments to fight corruption, expand space for civil society, help citizens choose their leadership, and strengthen the trend toward democratization.

  • Increase resilience to climate change to help communities adapt to erratic rainfall and longer, harsher droughts—weather effects we know will hit Africa hardest.

  • Lead quick responses to humanitarian crises to save lives and help prevent instability and loss, critical in a region prone to destabilizing droughts and food emergencies.

Media and Resources that Interest You

Between Two Baobob Trees (Podcast) This podcast explores the intersection between climate and health and highlights the interconnected nature of the two through stories, evidence, and lessons learned.

Find out more about our work in Africa by viewing our interactive map.
Find out more about our work in Africa by viewing our interactive map.

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USAID at the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit

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