A long-time ally of the United States and the oldest democracy in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a key partner in promoting resilient and inclusive development in the Indo-Pacific. For more than 60 years, USAID has worked with the Philippine government and local organizations to achieve shared development goals and build a more prosperous, resilient society for all Filipinos.


To expand and sustain inclusive economic growth, USAID bolsters the environment and infrastructure for businesses, including American companies, to thrive. USAID collaborates closely with government and civil society to promote shared democratic values by strengthening local governance, political participation, and access to justice. In addition, USAID promotes peace and stability in Mindanao by strengthening government institutions, supporting policy reforms, and fostering engagement with civil society organizations to further inclusive participation in the Bangsamoro transition.


To drive broad-based and inclusive growth, USAID helps improve the quality of basic, technical, and higher education across the country. USAID strengthens early grade reading and math, increases access to education for children with disabilities, and connects out-of-school youth to the training they need to succeed. In higher education, USAID works with the government, private sector, and U.S. universities to make higher education institutions key drivers of workforce development, research, and innovation.


Through USAID, the United States partners with the Philippines to protect the Philippines’ vast natural resources, promote water and energy security, combat illegal and exploitative fishing practices, and reduce vulnerability to the impacts of climate change. USAID assists the Philippines in preparing for and responding to natural disasters, as well as delivering life-saving humanitarian assistance.


USAID works with the Philippine government to strengthen health systems; increase demand for and access to family planning and maternal and child health services; and expand TB and HIV prevention, treatment, and control. USAID also continues to back the Philippines’ efforts to detect, manage, and treat COVID-19, as well as increase the country's capacity to prevent, detect, and respond to emerging infectious disease threats. Through the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), USAID helps bring quality HIV prevention, testing, and treatment services to key populations.

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