East Africa faces momentous health challenges.  There are many preventable deaths from childbirth and malnutrition, and infectious diseases.  Each country has unique challenges to meet the needs of their most vulnerable people.  Regional trade and the frequent movement of people and animals compound these challenges. Improving the ability of health workers to respond to the unique needs of cross-border populations is a key focus.  USAID works to harmonize standards and policies across the region.  We also promote and share best practices to address common health risks. We strengthen regional institutions to develop and implement health policies and systems.  We also play a convening role in the region, bringing together experts, decision-makers, and local organizations.  Together, we drive policies, promote best practices, and discover solutions.  

Infectious Disease Threats

USAID improves the diagnosis and treatment of tuberculosis (TB) and HIV.  These efforts focus on improving referrals between countries and enhancing regional laboratory capacity.  We also support the eradication of polio in the Horn of Africa. 

Emerging pandemic threats

As seen during the Ebola and COVID-19 outbreaks, diseases do not stop at country borders.  Emerging epidemics threaten security and livelihoods throughout the world.  USAID works across Africa to prevent, detect, and rapidly respond to infectious diseases.

Maternal and child health

USAID and our partners provide family planning and reproductive health services.  We help them access information and resources to inform their decisions.  Our innovative approach takes into account the critical natural resources needed for families to sustain themselves.

HIV/AIDS epidemic

USAID provides integrated health services for HIV/AIDS, sexual and reproductive health, tuberculosis, and maternal and child health on the borders.  With our partners, we establish systems to track and refer patients across borders.  We also encourage information sharing across borders.

Quality control

USAID works with regional institutions to address the poor quality of medicines in the region.  Poor quality medicines increase the risk of adverse drug effects.  We also strengthen cross-border health systems to track and identify falsified and substandard medicines.

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Global Health Security


HIV service provider Patrick Maelo
Patrick Maelo is an HIV testing and counseling services provider at the Busia County Teaching and Referral Hospital. The facility serves key populations from both Kenya and Uganda. The hospital works with the USAID-supported Cross-Border Health Integrated Partnership Project (CB-HIPP) enabling people at the border to access health services.
Solomon Onyata/USAID