USAID’s Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) is based on the foundational
demand expressed by Ukrainians during the Revolution of Dignity that they should live in an
independent, democratic, prosperous, and healthy Ukraine united around core European values.
Ukraine’s commitment and capacity to progress towards self-reliance is hampered by an
ongoing two-front war -- against Russia’s full scale aggression on the one hand, and against its
internal legacy of corruption on the other -- with deep consequences for the future of Europe,
regional stability, and the United States, for whom a strong and free Europe is a cornerstone
national security goal. For the next five years, the Mission will focus on ensuring that Ukraine is
more secure from the existential threats of corruption and Russia's aggression, and that its
capacity and commitment to self-reliance is advanced through transformational sector reforms.
Ukrainians see their country on a new path towards a European, self-reliant future. They
demand an independent Ukraine not solely reliant on any single external actor; a democratic ,
accountable, and transparent government; a prosperous nation that invests in and mobilizes its
rich human capital and private sector; and Ukrainians that are healthy, not held back from their
innate potential. The core European values they demand refer not only to the European Union
(EU) normative framework, but a broader recognition of the values of democracy, human rights,
diversity, and inclusion. Lastly, a united Ukraine foresees that these opportunities, systems, and
values are shared by all its citizens in their rich diversity and that Ukraine is territorially whole.