For Immediate Release

Office of Press Relations

Statement by Administrator Samantha Power

The bipartisan National Security Supplemental passed last night – with overwhelming majorities in both houses – signals to the world that the United States will not abandon our global leadership in advancing a more stable, democratic, and compassionate world. This legislation will provide the resources we need to respond to a number of historic crises around the world, and in doing so, support our own national security by helping to keep these crises from spiraling further.

These additional resources allow USAID to continue to maintain life-saving assistance for people in need in Gaza, Ukraine, Sudan, Haiti, Afghanistan, and beyond. The number of people requiring humanitarian assistance continues to increase, reaching nearly 300 million this year – an increase of more than 25 million people since 2022. USAID will continue to provide critical food and nutrition assistance in places like Gaza and Sudan, where famine looms, as well as life-saving medicines, water, protection, temporary shelter, and more. 

This legislation also includes economic assistance to Ukraine so that the country can continue to weather Putin’s relentless attacks on its economy and continue the remarkable progress it has made. Thanks in part to U.S. support, the Ukrainian economy grew by over 5 percent last year, and total grain exports are near their pre-war levels – an extraordinary accomplishment. The World Bank predicts a 15 percent rise in Ukrainian exports this year, and a 30 percent jump next year – helping Ukraine get more of the funds it needs to defend itself and provide essential services for citizens. 

At this pivotal moment in the war, Putin is betting that the resolve of Ukraine’s allies will fade. This legislation will show him just how mistaken he is. 

I join President Biden in thanking the bipartisan coalition of lawmakers in the House and Senate who voted to put our national security first.

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