The overarching goal of USAID engagement in Yemen is to advance Yemen’s transition towards stability. Foundational to this stability is the imperative to continue providing lifesaving humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable populations to reduce the risk of famine and severe malnutrition, reduce communicable disease outbreaks, and mitigate the other life-threatening effects of Yemen’s conflict and economic crises.

While this humanitarian assistance continues as needed, the theory of change for USAID/Yemen’s longer term development investment in Yemen is that if Yemen’s economic growth is accelerated, if access to essential services is improved, and if governance and reconciliation are strengthened, then Yemen’s transition towards stability will advance. USAID/Yemen progresses towards this goal via four complementary Development Objectives (DOs): 0) Risk of Famine is Reduced; 1) Inclusive Economic Growth is Accelerated; 2) Access to Essential Services is Improved; and 3) Governance and Reconciliation are Strengthened. Six underlying principles support these DOs: 1) Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment; 2) Interagency and Donor Coordination; 3) Climate Change Mitigation; 4) Localization; 5) Conflict Sensitivity; and 6) Continuous Learning.