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USAID CHISU: Towards a Stronger Health Information System in Indonesia

USAID’s Country Health Information Systems and Data Use (USAID CHISU) program supports Indonesia’s digital health transformation by building up and fortifying the technology, software, and information systems used by the Ministry of Health and everyone working in the health system to deliver more affordable, higher-quality care. 

Economic Growth and Education

USAID TEMAN: Increasing Indonesians’ Access to Quality Education

The USAID Teman program supports scholarship providers as they work to increase the number of Indonesians benefiting from the U.S. higher education institutions as a means to strengthen Indonesia's workforce.  

USAID AWARE3: Equipping Youth with In-Demand Skills for Employment

Through Accelerating Work Achievement and Readiness for Employment 3 (AWARE3), USAID works with local government partners in Jakarta and Surabaya to support 25 vocational high schools to establish and grow partnerships with businesses and improve their curricula. AWARE3 equips teachers with proven soft skills teaching methods and materials so that they can be more effective in the classroom. The project also organizes virtual work readiness training and industry classes as well as internships in high-demand industries, including manufacturing, information communications, technology, maritime, creative industries, and tourism.


USAID Ber-IKAN: Improve Sustainable, Resilient and Equitable Fisheries Management

USAID Ber-IKAN assists Indonesia as it protects its marine biodiversity by supporting sustainable and equitable management for fisheries. In particular, the program helps improve adoption of and compliance with evidence-based fisheries policies for priority fisheries; strengthen small-scale fisheries governance; increase government and market-based incentives for sustainable seafood products; and improve protection of endangered, threatened, and protected marine species affected by fishing practices.

USAID Meloy Fund: Investing in Sustainable Fisheries

Support for sustainable fisheries is gaining worldwide momentum. In turn, global consumer demand for responsibly caught and traceable seafood is on the rise. A partnership between the United States and the Meloy Fund helps Indonesian businesses access financing to take advantage of this growing sustainable seafood market opportunity. 

Democratic Resilience and Governance

Media Literacy for New Digital Arrivals in Indonesia

The Media Literacy for New Digital Arrivals activity seeks to improve media literacy among new digital arrivals with a goal of reducing their likelihood to engage with and spread disinformation. New digital arrivals are people who recently started receiving and sharing information through digital and social media platforms, but who have not benefited from traditional media literacy education. In addition to youth, this may include older adults or marginalized groups who are outside the formal education system. 

USAID CREATE: Strengthening Tolerance and Pluralism Among Youth

USAID CREATE provides young people with positive outlets to express themselves while promoting interfaith, interethnic, gender, and social inclusion understanding among students, teachers, parents, and government officials. Through arts and culture-based approaches, the project promotes tolerance and pluralism among students, enhancing the ability and willingness of young Indonesians to constructively manage differences and counter intolerant messages through individual experiences.

Last updated: September 20, 2022

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