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Hundreds seek information about USAID scholarship programs at a higher education fair in 2011.
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Current Programs


USAID promotes collaboration between U.S. and Indonesian universities to improve teaching and research.  Through targeted investments, USAID builds technical capacity in Indonesian universities in public health, education, environmental protection/climate change, civil society, economic growth, and agriculture.  Partnerships between American and Indonesian universities promote academic collaborations to address some of Indonesia’s key development challenges.  Since 2009, USAID awarded a total of 15 grants under the University Partnership Program.  Educational institutions in Indonesia and the U.S. do research ranging from broad spectrum of fields from public health, climate change, to new uses for indigenous plant species.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education and Culture, USAID also helps strengthen the higher education experience for students by working with university administrators and faculty members to adopt, implement, and sustain quality management systems.  USAID supports the Directorate General for Higher Education to strengthen its strategic planning capacity, while directly assisting 50 higher education institutions across Indonesia to improve general administration practices, quality assurance of academic programs, administrators’ leadership skills, and financial management capacity.     


USAID's education programs provide a range of training opportunities and scholarships for Indonesians.  Students develop the skills and expertise needed to address global challenges and help advance Indonesia as a prosperous democratic nation.   

Since the 1950s, more than 3,500 Indonesians have received scholarships to U.S. and Indonesian universities and tens of thousands of Indonesians have attended short-term training.  USAID's current scholarship programs include opportunities for post-graduate degrees and short-term technical training in the fields of law, economics, public policy, political science, public administration, environment, health, and education. 

USAID’s scholarship programs provide opportunities for advanced academic degrees in the U.S. and Indonesia.  Through other educational opportunities, USAID programs support a higher performing justice system through education and training opportunities for legal professionals, including judges and prosecutors.  Programs also send candidates, chosen from Indonesian law faculties and CSOs, to obtain their Master of Laws degree at the University of Washington and provide opportunities for advance degrees in teacher education.  A partnership between Georgia State University and Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta enhances the capacity of GOI institutions to perform accurate economic and fiscal analyses.  These scholars are tomorrow’s leaders and are among the best investments in Indonesia’s future.


USAID’s flagship basic education project helps the GOI to expand access to high quality basic education, to enhance the capacity of local and provincial governments to coordinate, plan, manage, and finance education services, and to improve school management.  The program places particular emphasis on strengthening reading comprehension.  USAID provides technical assistance and training for Indonesian Teacher Training Institutes to improve the quality of teaching and learning in 1,400 primary school, junior secondary school, and madrasahs in 110 districts, focusing on low-income areas.   


Last updated: November 19, 2015

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