The page below shows Power Africa's involvement in Madagascar.

A mini-grid in Madagascar
Off-grid electrification solutions, such as mini-grids, can play a vital role in electrifying Madagascar's rural areas.
Henri Fraise Fils & Cie


Connecting Rural Madagascar to Clean and Reliable Electricity


Power Africa’s investment in Madagascar’s mini-grid development will connect roughly 1,500 households to electricity for the first time.

In November 2020, Power Africa, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), awarded $1.2 million in grants to mini-grid developers in Madagascar to develop and deliver sustainable energy solutions for rural communities, individuals, and businesses.

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U.S. Government Electrifies 10 Rural Health Clinics; 25 More Underway

USAID is bringing solar power to 35 clinics, improving health care for 140,000 in northeast Madagascar. USAID and Power Africa awarded three companies in Madagascar a combined $1.2 million in grant funding to develop mini-grids that will bring electricity to more than 5,200 rural homes and businesses. (

Power Africa Awards $1.2 Million in Grants for the Development of Mini-Grids in Madagascar

Power Africa, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), awarded grants totaling $1.2 million to mini-grid developers lighting up more than 5,200 households and businesses in rural Madagascar. The winners are: Autarsys Madagascar, Henri Fraise Fils & Cie, and Hydro Ingénierie Etudes et Réalisations (HIER).

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