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Unlocking Somalia's Clean Energy Potential

Solar and Wind Energy in Garowe, Somalia

Somalia has made important headway on its path to economic recovery, following a series of extreme weather shocks. Clean, affordable, and consistent energy is vital to the country’s return to prosperity. However, more than half of the country remains without access to electricity: the national electrification rate is about 49 percent and rural access is at about 30 percent.

Power Africa assistance is advancing Somalia’s clean energy transition and addressing cost and reliability through targeted support to electricity service providers.

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Strengthening Power Grids in Somalia with Digital Technology

Power Africa supports Somalia’s clean energy transition to address cost and reliability. Through targeted support to energy service providers (ESPs) like NECSOM, the National Power Corporation, Power Africa is improving the investment readiness of the sector and developing feasibility studies to evaluate new technology and business models.

As part of this workstream, Power Africa supported a business development mission to Somalia by U.S. digital energy technology company SparkMeter. As a result of this visit, NECSOM decided to pilot SparkMeter’s technology on their 20,000-customer distribution network. The deployment of digital solutions in this energy system wracked by losses, delivery challenges, and high prices offers an exciting chance to prove the value of utility digitalization.

Power Africa and SparkMeter met with Somali ESPs, and developed five actionable recommendations that are now being implemented with NECSOM’s pilot of SparkMeter’s solution.

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