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The page below gives an overview of the energy sector in Togo.


Population: 7.89 million | GDP (1): $5.36 billion

The majority of Togo’s generation capacity is thermal. Togo generates some of its own electricity but imports the majority of its needs from Nigeria and Ghana. Togo’s first independent power producer (IPP), ContourGlobal, started commercial operations in 2010, tripling the country’s generation capacity. The Government of Togo is interested in increasing private sector investment in the power sector and attracting off-grid companies to increase access to electricity in rural areas. In 2018, Togo approved another IPP for a 65 MW Thermal power generation plant and has taken significant strides to reform its legal framework to attract private-sector investment. Togo has established a regulatory body, passed a public private partnerships (PPP) law and a public procurement decree, and established an agency to promote rural electrification. As part of its national strategy for universal access by 2030, Togo is exploring a legal framework to promote renewable energy and a new off-grid rural electrification strategy. It is also currently in the planning stages of revising its national energy law to strengthen the role of the regulator.


  • Installed Capacity (2): 235 MW
    • Hydro: 67 MW
    • Natural Gas: 20 MW
    • Solar: <1 MW
    • Diesel: 48 MW
    • HFO, other fuel oils: 100 MW

Power Africa New MW to Date Reached Financial Close: 0


  • Current Access Rate (3): 43%
    • Rural: 16%
    • Urban: 79%

Power Africa New Off-Grid Connections: 49,123



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Last updated: October 05, 2021

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