Power Africa has supported the development of electricity generation projects in Liberia. In addition, various firms have received U.S. Embassy support to move transactions forward. The page below shows Power Africa's involvement and lists Power Africa’s financially closed transactions in the country, some of which are already online and generating critical electricity supply for the people of Liberia.


Partnering for Power: Public-Private Agreement Brings Electricity to Rural Liberia

An African man riding a motorbike with transmission lines behind him.

In Liberia’s Bong County, a new and innovative power delivery model is lighting up rural homes, businesses, hospitals, and community centers. Power Africa supported the Liberia Electricity Corporation as they entered into a public-private partnership arrangement with Jungle Energy Power (JEP), a local energy firm, to operate and manage the Bong County grid. JEP provides operations, maintenance, and management services in a partnership with LEC, which still maintains the medium-voltage power distribution lines. READ MORE on our blog

Cooperating on a Connected Power System in West Africa

Kamakwie substation in Sierra Leone
The Kamakwie substation in Sierra Leone is the last substation before the Transco CLSG interconnector line enters Guinea. Photo Credit: Transco CLSG



In West Africa, the transformational Côte d’Ivoire–Liberia–Sierra Leone–Guinea (CLSG) interconnection project, central to a dynamic and modern electric power market in West Africa, is bringing together four countries to share electricity for the benefit of over 20 million people.

Through technical assistance, Power Africa is supporting CLSG’s Project Management Unit (PMU) to oversee the production of affordable and cleaner energy for the region.

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Power Africa Awards Grants to Scale Solar-Powered Productive Uses of Energy in Liberia

A solar home system user adjusting system settings
A solar home system user adjusting system settings



Power Africa, through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) awarded grants totaling $669,330 to five solar energy companies operating in Liberia. This funding will assist the grantees to distribute solar-powered productive use of energy (PUE) technologies that let users harvest, process, and preserve agricultural produce and fish, or power small businesses. READ more on our blog


Updated: May 03, 2019

Mein River (Hydro – 1MW)

Financial Close Date: 02/17/2016
Commercial Operations Date: 02/17/2018
Estimated Project Cost: $10.3M
Overview: The Mein River Hydro Project was initiated under the Liberia Energy Sector Support Program (LESSP) by USAID. The construction of 1 MW Hydro power station on the Mein River in Suakoko District was developed to benefit several community entities in the area; including, the Phebe Medical Hospital, Cuttington University and Central Agriculture Research Institute. An estimated 2,500 residential and 150 commercial consumers stand to receive access to power through the Mein River project. A US Company, NRECA International provided technical support to the project.

Mount Coffee Hydropower Plant Project (Hydro – 88MW)

Financial Close Date: 01/20/2016
Commercial Operations Date: 01/09/2017
Estimated Project Cost: $356.7M
Overview: Mount Coffee was funded to a large extent by the US Government's Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) with US $125 million in construction and operation financing. Additional support was provided by the Government of Liberia, Germany’s KfW, the European Investment Bank, and Power Africa partner Government of Norway. In a country with a current access rate of 12 percent, the power generated from Mount Coffee will dramatically improve connection rates in the capital city of Monrovia.