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African leaders are articulating their own vision to dramatically increase access to power on the continent. Power Africa is supporting this African-driven vision in practical ways aimed at delivering results. Power Africa’s approach focuses on partnership, driven by the private sector and supported by host country governments and multilateral and bilateral donors.

Large- and small-scale solutions for bringing cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity to sub-Saharan africa are all grounded in a new model of development that drives Power Africa. The core of this model is based on effective partnerships that link public and private sector goals and resources, and connect investors and entrepreneurs to business opportunities in Africa. Structured not from the top down, but laterally, with U.S. agencies, African governments, private sector actors, and other stakeholders serving as partners in the enterprise — Power Africa is delivering results.

Power Africa’s approach considers three related but distinct challenges to bringing that vision to life. power must be available, meaning sufficient megawatts must be generated to meet people’s needs. It must be accessible, so that even those communities that cannot be connected to national grids can still access electricity. And it must meet basic quality considerations, meaning natural resources and megawatts generated are efficiently managed to ensure optimal use.

Power Africa Annual Report:  Third Year in Review

Power Africa‘s 2016 Annual Report highlights the progress made in the Presidential Initiative’s third year, including lessons learned and a roadmap plan for continued progress. The report showcases achievements to date and progress made toward the goals.

In June 2013, Power Africa was launched with the ambitious goal of doubling access to electricity in sub-Saharan Africa. Three years later, Power Africa is already delivering results.

Over the past three years, we have witnessed an unprecedented groundswell of support from other countries and multilateral actors, who have collectively committed to invest more than $12 billion in energy deals in sub-Saharan Africa in support of Power Africa’s goals. Power Africa’s model is based on effective partnerships, and with over 130 partners and mobilized financial commitments firmly in place, Power Africa remains optimistic about maintaining momentum towards increasing access to electricity – and spurring economic growth – in sub-Saharan Africa.

Power Africa Annual Report - July 2015 (PDF - 3 MB)
Power Africa Annual Report - July 2014 (PDF - 3 MB)

Last updated: February 23, 2017

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