Engendering Industries

About the Program

    Strengthening Organizations in Male-Dominated Industries through Gender Equality Initiatives

    Expanding women’s participation in male-dominated sectors leads to tangible economic empowerment outcomes for women, such as formal employment opportunities and higher income. Increased gender equality also improves an organization’s business performance, helping companies meet their bottom-line by enhancing employee satisfaction, reducing turnover, and driving productivity. Well-functioning organizations are also vital in supporting stronger and more resilient economies.

    Our Program

    • Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

      The Engendering Industries Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program is a virtual intensive leadership program that develops the skills and tools needed to increase gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Learn about the program

    • Best Practices Framework

      This framework provides the practical resources organizations need to increase gender equality across their operations and corporate structure. Download the Guide

    Our Approach

    1. Conduct Groundbreaking Research on Gender Disparity in Male-Dominated Industries
    2. Partner with Organizations to Increase Gender Equality, Create Leadership Opportunities and Develop Talent
    3. Reform the Human Resources Life Cycle to Solidify Long-term Organizational Change

    As a result of Engendering Industries’ innovative approach, partner organizations have significantly expanded their talent pools for recruitment and diversified their organizations.


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      Powering the Potential of Women’s Networks

      In partnership with Power Africa, USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports Women in African Power to grow and sustain professional women’s networks across Africa. Read the story

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      Knocking Down Gender Barriers

      USAID is supporting INAPA, a water utility company of the Dominican Republic, to promote gender equality. Read the story

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      Sonia Milena Girlado Makes the Business Case For Equality

      “Reaching gender equality is a long road,” Sonia said, “but EPM has been recognized for its efforts and now we have an opportunity to increase our impact and share what we have learned.” Read the story

    Our Partners

    The strength of the Engendering Industries program is in its collaborative approach. USAID is proud to be adding new partners committed to overcoming gender inequality in male-dominated industries, and Georgetown University who is committed to helping build the next generation of leaders.