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    Advancing gender equality to improve business performance.

    USAID's Engendering Industries program supports companies to increase workforce gender equality in male-dominated sectors worldwide. 75% of our partners report business improvements.

    Our Program

    • Best Practices Framework

      This framework provides the practical resources organizations need to increase gender equality across their operations and corporate structure. Explore our new Digitized Framework

    • Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

      The Engendering Industries Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program is a virtual intensive leadership program that develops the skills and tools needed to increase gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace. Learn about the program

    A Proven Approach to Advancing Gender Equality

    Since its inception in 2015, Engendering Industries has honed a proven methodology for advancing workforce gender equality. Using this approach, Engendering Industries has increased gender equality, advanced economic opportunities for women, and improved business performance at male-dominated companies worldwide. 

    74% of our company partners have increased the proportion of women on staff.

    68% our partners now promote women at the same rate as men or higher.  

    75% of our partners report that gender equality has improved their business performance. 


    • Featured Story

      Empowering Women to Power the Dominican Republic

      USAID’s Engendering Industries improves economic opportunities for women in the country’s energy sector. Read the story

    • Featured Story

      Power and Empowerment in Liberia

      How USAID’s Engendering Industries program supported the Liberia Electricity Corporation to improve gender equality, doubled the customer base, and reduced commercial losses. Read the story

    • Featured Story

      ISWSC Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence Results in New Legislation in Nigeria

      ISWSC’s state campaign to pass the Violence Against People Prohibition Act is one of several public initiatives the company has used to advance gender equality both inside and outside the workplace. Read the story

    Our Partners

    USAID is proud to partner with companies that are committed to improving gender equality in male-dominated sectors worldwide.

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