Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

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The Engendering Industries Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program is a leadership program that develops the skills and tools needed to increase gender equality, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Increasing gender equality in the workplace has become a priority for organizations around the world, and research shows gender diversity is correlated with improved company performance. Today, most organizations are working to recruit and retain more women in order to improve productivity, build resiliency, and improve their brand and reputation.

The Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program is a six-month program that consists of organizational gender equality assessments, a seven-week virtual course, and four months of change management coaching that prepares managers to become agents of change within their organizations. The course develops the skills managers need to:

  • Identify gender equality gaps within their organization.
  • Develop a business case that demonstrates how gender equality will benefit the organization’s bottom-line.
  • Take targeted, tangible, and strategic action, grounded in assessment, to increase gender equality in their organization.
  • Strengthen leadership and change management skills and exercise more influence to create an equitable and diverse workplace.
  • Effectively engage other male and female leaders within their organization in support of desired change.

The Accelerated Program is designed for female and male managers who wish to develop their gender equality expertise, boost their influence, and spearhead change within their organization. Operations leaders, HR managers, and managers of other support functions who are strategically placed within their organizations to influence change are encouraged to apply. Each program accepts up to fifty participants, and organizations are required to send two to three employees.

The Accelerated Program focuses on developing and improving company culture, policies, and practices that advance gender equality, and is most applicable to companies that have (or are in the process of developing) standard human resource practices.

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Accelerated Program Modules and Virtual Structure

Participants of the Accelerated Program will partake in a rapid organizational gender assessment and self-assessment, a seven-week virtual program, and change management coaching over a six-month period. The curriculum draws from USAID’s toolkit, Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries, which demonstrates methods for introducing gender equality initiatives at each phase of the employee lifecycle. Intended to be a catalyst for change, this program provides a holistic, practical learning environment that ensures success for participating employees and their organizations. Following the program, participants will receive virtual coaching to help them successfully drive change, improve gender equality, and build resilience in their organization. View our program brochure provided above to learn more about the objectives of the program.

Program Schedule

In 2021, the Accelerated Program will be delivered virtually and is open to organizations in the following geographic regions:

  • East Africa Region (hosted virtually by KenGen, Kenya): August 30 – October 18, 2021 REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Southeast Asia Region (hosted virtually by Fulbright University Vietnam): September 21 – November 8, 2021 REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Latin America and Caribbean Region (hosted virtually by Universidad de los Andes, Colombia): October 20 – December 13, 2021 REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • West Africa Region (hosted virtually by Lagos Business School, Nigeria): November 2 – December 16, 2021 REGISTRATION CLOSED
  • Eastern Europe Region (hosted by ERRA, Hungary): Program dates will be announced for in-person 1-week session in 2022.

For additional information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Accelerated Program Materials and Resources

Accelerated Program Facilitators and Regional Academic Partners

The program is facilitated by an international team of Engendering Industries change-management and gender equality experts in conjunction with faculty and staff from academic and regional partners. This includes:

Facilitators have more than 15 years of experience in gender equality, leadership, change management, and human resources management. The program is designed to be delivered in person over the course of one week, but will be delivered virtually in 2021 due to COVID-19, with program modules spread over a seven-week period. Following the program, participants will receive three months of virtual coaching to implement the action plan developed during the program.


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